The farm Wiesemannhof is placed up between Antholz Niedertal and Antholz Mittertal and lies 1250 meters over sea level.
The ensemble encircles four buildings: the old farmhouse, the farm, the old mill and the new residence.
The four apartments are on the first and second floor.

The name Wiesemann orginates from old times, once the farm still belonged to another family. Inheritance demands that the oldest son has to take over the parental farm, to guarantee the survival of the complex.
Therefore the court belongs still to the most primitive one in the valley (known from the 16 century).

An especial testimony from the past is the old mill.
A long time ago, the water from the closed river, flowed through its - no longer available - millwheel. Inside the mill you discover a lot of historical pieces opposed. Started up with the heavy mill stone, including its gigantic gears, to flour canisters, old barrels and buckets.

Just taking a look inside the mill, economizes a museum visit. However the wheel does no longer turn around, here becomes visibile a part of the old traditional life.
Closed to the farm, circa 150 meters along on the thin street to Antholz Mittertal, resides the little chapel.

That poky chapel is the oldest in the valley and has been rehabilitated recently.